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Maintenance Agreement

Grey Barn Scope of Work:

  • Mow all turf areas once a week during the growing season for up to 28 weeks.​

  • Edge and line trim all curb, sidewalk, drive areas, beds and trees located within the lawn areas.

  • Blow off all curbs, sidewalks, front and back patio areas.

  • Any trash located within the landscaped beds or lawn areas will be removed and disposed of on site.

  • Two leaf removals for all lawn and bed areas between the months of November and December. Five lawn fertilization and weed treatments throughout the year.

  • All shrubs and planted trees will be pruned two times per year or as needed.

  • All bed will be fertilized three times a year.

  • All beds will be weeded every other week during the growing season.​

  • Grey Barn reserves the right to use herbicides in certain areas for weed control and eradication.

  • All labor and materials will be included to provide 1" of mulch once a calendar year.

  • NEW Orders will be taken, by landscape liaison Patty Duffy, for plant removal and replacement, at a cost to the home owner, for a reasonable price from Grey Barn.  This will be offered in early September.  More details to come!

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