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Architectural Control Committee


     Each of us was attracted to Lakewood Subdivision by the compatibility of design and construction of the homes, fixtures, mailboxes, fencing, lighting and landscaping throughout the neighborhood. Owners’ rights to expect continuation of this compatibility were protected by a Bill of Assurances and Protective Covenants recorded in the real estate records by the developers of our subdivision. Each subsequent owner was made aware of these Covenants at or before closing and took ownership subject to the Covenants.

     Conformity with the Covenants by all owners protects each owner’s investment in his or her property. Section 4B of the Covenants requires that, prior to commencing any work on a lot, an Owner must first submit an application and plans to the Architectural Control Committee (“the ACC”) for any proposed alterations, repainting of a structure or for changes to landscaping. 

Exterior Change Request Submittal Process

Step 1:

Applicant shall complete the Exterior Change Request form. (ex.  A)

Step 2: 

Select type of change being requested. If other than item(s) listed, select the “Other” box and list item(s). (ex. B) Provide additional information in the “Notes” section. (ex. C)  Attach additional information as needed.

Step 3: 

Compile all supporting documentation (Plans, Specs, Photos, etc) for ACC review. (ex.  D)

Step 4: 

Submit documents to ACC via email to (DO NOT USE THE "SUBMIT" BUTTON ON THE FORM AS IT DOES NOT WORK!)

Applicant will be notified once all documents have been received. Depending on the nature of the request, the decision of the ACC should be returned within (1) week. If additional information is needed, Applicant will be notified ASAP. 


Non-Compliance Notification Process 

Step 1: Email 
  • Home Owner will be notified via email stating item(s) that are not in compliance with the neighborhood Covenants and Bylaws.

Step 2: Email and Certified Letter 
  • The ACC will send a certified letter stating item(s) that are not in compliance with the neighborhood Covenants and Bylaws.

  • If Home Owner believes they are in compliance, respond to the ACC within three (3) days referencing Covenants or other approved documentation and the ACC will review and respond accordingly. 

  • If Home Owner accepts they are non-compliant, correct issue within seven (7) days and notify ACC once complete. 

Step 3: Meeting
  • If no action is taken by Home Owner within the allotted timeframe, the ACC will send a follow-up certified letter requesting to meet and discuss issue(s). At least two (2) members of the ACC are required to attend. 

Step 4: Legal / Lien 
  • If no action is taken by Home Owner or refusal to comply with neighborhood Covenants, the ACC will request the Board to take legal action, including but not limited to a fine, letter from an attorney and possible lien filed on property. 

Architectural Control Committee (ACC) Contact 
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